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What is Empower Network and How do You Make Money?
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– what is empower network and how can I make money?
Who made it
So are you wondering what is empower network? David Woods and David Sharp started Empower Network which was launched in Oct 2011. They were previously broke and ‘after failing numerous times with many products’ they finally managed to make it through. According to their official member blog, they made up to 13,000 members and currently are at 155,000.
How did it start
Empower Network was started from an idea David Wood was struck with. Having had a lot of prior experience with internet marketing, he did research into the whole process, breaking it down into individual processes and finding out how to go with it the optimum, high earning way. It came to selling empower network blogs to sell empower network blogs to sell empower network blogs. Going on, on, and on. Didn’t understand this ‘stuck in a rut’ idea yet?
What is empower network – How it works
You sign up, go through the whole process. Now what? You get a blog. You use this blog, following instructions from your superiors (team leaders) to post articles to encourage traffic. This traffic will earn you money. At this point, if you’re thinking ‘CPM’ and ‘CPC’, then no. That’s not it. It’s affiliate marketing you’re doing here.
What earns you money and what you are selling?
You just made a sign up, meaning a person clicked on your affiliate link and joined through you. Congratulations! He just bought a blog to do the same thing you were doing. You get some money returned on the money you spent to get into this system, and that too at the expense of that poor guy you managed to successfully lure into the system. So how did you entice a person to sign up? Surely some spending money will think sanely before going for pretty much anything.
Your blog, team leaders and tactics
Back to the ‘instructions’ your team leaders (or seniors) give you. You post attractive articles and fake promises of getting rich quick and making a sustainable income. You’re given examples of people who ‘made it big’ and how you’ll be doing the same soon.
What is empower network – An Overview
I don’t know what is up with people signing up for these lame network marketing programs. It’s probably because of these sharks like Empower Network that I’ve developed a bad image of all network marketing programs. This company is based on the pyramid scheme which is illegal in the US altogether because you can’t sustain it. One day, when everyone will be having a blog, then what? The whole system collapses and the people at the lower levels (which are the widest and therefore having the most people) will lose their money.
Is it really worth it, to be selling thin air to people who’ll do the same for no reason? You’d rather join some legit and popular affiliate or marketing service which is well known for giving benefits and having you provide a quality service. Go get a free blog on , make a blog on cameras, do reviews and put up affiliate links from affiliate service for cameras or something similar like cooking, technology, anything! You’ll be earning AND doing a good service rather than selling darn thin air.
0:01 what is empower network begins and shows you all the ins and outs!
0:33 more details on empower network and what it
1:34 again you will find more info on what is empower network and how it can make you money!

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