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Mary Kay Party - Dash Out The Door Color/Close - Part 3 of 3
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How to do a Dash Out the Door Color look and close a Mary Kay Party.
To make the video quick, I skip the most fun part of the Mary Kay party which is talking with everyone at the party and building friendships.
But, the most important part of any Mary Kay party is to meet everyone at the party and chit chat during the party. If given the option to talk about a product or listen to her story, I’d take her story every time! And to keep on schedule, I just would say, “While you tell me that, just rub this cleanser all over your ‘s amazing. Okay so tell me more about this ” I would just skip my script and leave out details during a party to build a friendship. Mary Kay always said that every person has an invisible sign around her face that says, “Make me feel important.” And women feel important when they feel listened to and valued.
At the end of every appointment, you should be able to answer at least 3 of these questions about her:
1. Where did she grow up?
2. Does she have siblings?
3. What are her hobbies?
4. What is her biggest life accomplishment?
5. Where does she work?
6. Does she have kids?
7. How did she meet her husband/boyfriend?
8. Where is her next vacation?
The more you have her talk, the more she will like you. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. :D
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